Attractions around Trabzon

1- Uzungol Village and Lake Uzungöl village, famous for its long lakes surrounded by mountains and green meadows, is located southeast of Trabzon, at an altitude of 1100m and is about 100 km away from Trabzon. Lake Uzungol is one of the best places to camp, take a walk and wander in nature as well […]

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Ağva Village

Ağva (Aava) village near Istanbul, which is also close to the village of Shila. Often when visitors visit Shia, they see the village of Aava, due to the proximity between them. Aava village, famous for its rivers, waterfalls and its calm nature. The most important rivers that permeate Aava are the Kok Soo and Yeshiljai […]

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Şile Village

Şile (Shila) is a small town located in the countryside of Istanbul, which is about 97 km from the center of Istanbul. Shila village is famous for its charming and pure beaches, which made it occupy one of the most beautiful villages near Istanbul due to its location on the Black Sea coast. Its nature […]

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Cappadocia: An Extensive Look

Cappadocia is one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey for those interested in history and ancient civilizations, as it includes a group of areas and monuments dating back to different ages and civilizations such as Persians, Greeks and Armenians. The city is unique because of its cities and churches, which are located inside […]

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First look of Istanbul

What's covered in this guide? Understanding Turkey and Istanbul 10 most beautiful tourist places in Istanbul Taksim Square and Istiklal Street Bosphorus The Blue Mosque Basilica Cistern Hagia Sophia Museum Topkapi Palace The Grand Bazaar (Covered Market) The Egyptian Market Minya Turk Park Galata Tower Istanbul, the city that spans two Asian and European continents, [...]
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