is dedicated to protect the information shared on our website. By using our website you are providing consent to use your information you provide us in order to deliver our services to you. Those personal information is needed to perform our business functions which include managing bookings on behalf of our customers. We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. The only information that we would have the access to would be the ones you voluntarily provide us via Email or the forms on the website. We collect information such as anonymous data as well as comments and ratings on both our social media accounts and website. This is to improve our services and user specific recommendations. Information may be provided to legal entities within legal structure and boundaries when required.

We reserve the right to update or change content and information including but not limited to Privacy Policy, logos, media and Third Party content at any time and without notice.


What information do we collect?

Personally identifiable information that we may ask you to provide may be used to contact, identify and is needed to facilitate your bookings and travel arrangements related to our products and/or services.

We therefore typically process the following types of personal information about you:


      • Contact information (such as name, residential/mailing address, telephone number, email address).
      • Passport details where necessary.
      • Payment account information (credit/debit card details, including card type, card number, security number and expiry date).
      • Information about your dietary requirements and health issues (if any and when required).
      • Information on people accompanying you in your travels/bookings.


Through Social Media: If you link your account to social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram or vice versa, you may share your photos, tours and reviews that you choose to post. To prevent your Facebook friends who are also on from sharing information such as videos and photos related to you, please review your Facebook privacy settings.  You may also choose to request login from third-party social media services through Please keep in mind that when doing so you are sharing personal data with those platforms and the information shared is based on their privacy policies.


Through Service Providers:

Some data we collect will be shared with service providers such as hotels, tour guides and suppliers who are directly involved in performing the purchases you made from our website. To those we provide only necessary data such as Hotel name, check-in and check-out times, pick-up and drop-off times, your contact information such as phone number/email, etc. By booking with us, you agree to share your required information with the service providers and we do not take any responsibility towards misuse of your information by the service providers. They are directly answerable to you and the legal structure of the country they are registered in.


We are not liable for

    (i) any losses, damages, injuries, death and costs suffered due to or in any relation with personal misconduct or breaches of law and security policies such as mismatching names or profiles
    • (ii) any inaccurate information in connection to bookings, rates and availability information on provided by visitors or third parties.

You may provide other individual’s personal data through our website to purchase packages or services for someone else through You should obtain the consent of those individuals before doing so. We do not take responsibility for the entries on our platforms by users. You can request for update or removal of your data with us by email if you think your information with us is incorrect, needs removal or update, or has been given to us by someone else for the sole purpose of harming you. We give our users the right to request for all their stored data with us conditioned that the request are within sensible, logical and reasonable grounds. We reserve the right to refuse to cooperate should we feel the request being placed might bring harm or damage to us, our affiliates, our users or our customers.


Why it is necessary to collect these information? does not collect data unless explicitly required to enhance our services or provide our services to our customers. All data collected by us are intentionally provided by our users and are used mainly to:

      • Identify you.
      • Administer your account.
      • Complete your bookings or travel packages.
      • Process your transactions.
      • Recommend travel destinations and categories of activities.
      • Communicate with you by responding to your questions, concerns or enquiries.
      • Arrange or manage your booking with the service providers.


If you directly provide personal data to the service providers, the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of their own establishment would apply, to which you must agree before providing your data. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the partner prior to providing data to 3rd parties.


When will we use your personal data?

      • When we need your information to provide you our services.
      • Where we have to perform a transaction between you and our supplier.
      • Where it is necessary for our interests and yours and fundamental rights don’t override those.
      • Where we need to comply with regulatory/legal obligation.
      • Upon receiving your consent.


How long will we keep your data?

Personal data is retained for as long as needed. We understand the risk of harm from unauthorized use and disclosure of your personal data and therefore do take this into account when deciding the retention period.

The decision on how long to keep data is dependant on each type of data and its potential role for the company, customer or service provider in the long term. In any case, unless explicitly mentioned, might store and keep data for as long as required.


How does use social media?

We promote our activities, holiday packages and transportation packages on social media. We integrate social media plugins to for our users to keep up with our content there with a click of a button. We maintain social media accounts to showcase traveller’s experiences through pictures and videos they chose to share during their stay. By doing so, the traveller grants unconditional right to use and display the posts on its social media platforms and website. We are not responsible for misuse of posts shared by We are aware of the potential risks and do our best to put ahead appropriate measures before displaying content on our platform or on our social media accounts. The interactions of other users with our posts are controlled and managed by the relevant platform and we therefore take no responsibility for user interactions which goes beyond our control or domain.

We invite our customers to post reviews and comment on the experience they had through trips booked on will not accept reviews which include illegal activities, politically and racially sensitive comments or any sort of profanity, hate or violence. In all cases, it remains the right of to decide what comment or user input to delete from its platforms or domain.


How does use Emailing services?

Emails are a method of how we choose to contact you. Emails are assigned to travellers/customers as a main means of communication and contact for each profile and any communication that is done through email are considered official response from the customer and all communications are documented and can be used in case of dispute and privacy assurance purposes. We process all the communications you send us such as requests, inquiries and complaints through Email. These communications include but are not limited to handling bookings and responding to requests you have made through We offer our travellers a means of exchanging information relating to rates and availability through email reservations on In order to finalize a reservation made online on and in order to receive contact details and exact timing of pick up, drop off and start and end date and time, it is necessary to benefit from emailing services. We might invite you to review a previous trip you’ve had and send suggestions of new places to explore through email. You will receive booking summary and additional detailed information through email. We may send assistance to optimize your use of our services, in cases of emergency or sudden changes to your bookings.

Provision of a correct email address for your bookings are important and becomes our official and legal means of communications with you.


How does protect your information? uses technology to encrypt your payment information during any transactions. We take extra measures to protect your information against unauthorized access and any unlawful destruction. You can always log in to your account to delete, edit or add your stored payment details. Your payment information are stored securely for the case of managing refund requests for your bookings, upcoming payments or ease of use. We are not liable for any fraud or scam, such as in the case of an email received by the traveller asking for credit card information or payment from emails other than emails belonging to domain. In cases where you are suspicious or emails and links that reach you do not belong to or redirects you out of our domain, please contact us immediately. is not responsible for issues arising from sharing contact and location information of service providers with our customers or vice versa. Information shared are forwarded as received from third party service providers without alteration for safety and accuracy. Both third party service providers and travellers bear the complete responsibility for the use of this information. Misuse and violation of this information by the traveller or service provider are not the responsibility of and each party is liable for their own actions by governing laws that apply in the region.


How Does manage Booking and Payment? provides two type of payments for different destinations. For Book Now Pay Now options, directs you to the payment page dedicated for that destination to pay online. As for Book Now Pay Later, we will be contacting you via email on availability of bookings and a payment link will be sent via the email you have provided us. There are also scenarios where we might collect your payment information during booking process and charge your card at a later date. In such cases we will provide you full information that applies to you by email or in the service page.

By using Pay Now option to book our services or services through us, you give full authority to process your booking and collect your information that is required to issue your booking and verify your identity. Upon confirmation of the booking may charge you for full price (sometimes without option of refund as per the Refund Policy mentioned in your booking confirmation email). In the case of Book Now Pay Later sort of reservation please make sure that your payment method is valid and has sufficient credit for the future payment dates. Booking will be cancelled in case the payments don’t go through for reasons such as insufficient credit. Please review the details of booking with thorough attention for terms and conditions. You will receive the same Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy on your email as well which is final and legally binding to all parties involved. We are not liable for travel inconveniences such as when booking is cancelled due to late or non-payment. Please note that reservations are not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email. We reserve the right to not accept certain methods of payment made through


Currency Conversion:

Prices and rates that are shown on are set by service providers. You may choose to view the pricing based on a different display currency. If the currency you choose to pay with is different than your bank account’s currency, your bank will determine the exchange rate used for the transactions. Your account may offer a rate that is higher or lower than on Otherwise will use daily adjusted rate to convert prices. Display currencies allows comparison of different rates and packages and payment options you prefer to use. Display rates are indicative and might change, however the base currency amount will remain the same.


Embedded content from other websites

Some contents on our website may include embedded content from other websites. Those websites may collect data and use cookies for the purpose of monitoring user interactions with the embedded content, which is the same way the other website would operate. It is important to be aware that the privacy policies of the other sites are not our responsibility and we recommend the users to read the privacy statements of sites that collect personally identifiable information. In the case of usage of information such as videos and pictures from Third Party websites, their logo or link will be displayed properly on the content in order to give credit where it is due. We may as well use the platform’s embedded code to share content from Third Party Apps/Websites when available.


Please note that it is impossible for us to share with you an exact list of all third party tools, widgets or plugins that we use due to the high rate of change in this list. We do not use third party content for the purpose of information collection. Rather, they are solely used for keeping our platforms functional, safe and enhance user experience. In all cases, information collected from our platforms by third parties, their misuse or use of information for their own interests are their own responsibility and we share no responsibility in such cases. We use third party content for the sole purpose of what they are intended for.

All third party content, plugin, widget or service providers are required to take a formal permission from us for use of data from our platforms for their own benefit or that of their affiliates.


Opt-Out Policy

All our users, customers and service providers have the option to Opt-Out of our newsletters, advertisement materials and notifications. We do our best to minimize our communication with our customers and service providers to ensure they have a good experience with us. We reserve the right to use channels such as emails, notifications, calls or messages despite your Opt-Out request for the following purposes:

      1. Matters related to payments.
      2. When confirmation of a booking is required.
      3. In cases of emergency or accidents.
      4. When a reservation is cancelled or modified.
      5. In cases of potential modification to bookings.



We do our best to protect the information provided to us both online and offline and take extra precautions to the sensitive information user submits via our forms. We do regular check ups and use online security certificates and plugins to ensure all our platforms, data and users are protected at all times. In cases of breach of security despite our hard efforts, we must understand the unfortunate reality of online world where even institutions such as government ministries and banks can face security breach. This is why we do our best to minimize the amount of data kept online on our servers and move data which are not needed to be at hand to secure servers.

Sensitive information such as payment details are encrypted and transmitted in a secure way when collected. We do not save your complete payment information in our own systems, rather they are saved with payment gateway providers who are certified by governments to handle and store online payments.


We reserve the right to close accounts and disable comments of the users in case of violation of our policies and terms. We monitor and administer user interactions and may keep the information of disabled accounts to prevent repeated abuse or other violations.

Any questions you have about our Privacy Policy, or the data contained herein can be directed to us through e-mail.

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